Algeria - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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Algeria applies customs tariffs to imported goods ranging from 0 to 30 percent, depending on the product type.  Customs uses the CIF price (e.g., the price before tax) to calculate duties and taxes.  Customs accounting procedures are mandatory even when the transaction in question is exempt from duties and taxes. 

Customs clearance is a common problem facing foreign companies in Algeria, with delays ranging from weeks to months.  One reason is the numerous bureaucratic documentation requirements described above in the Import Requirements and Documentation section.  In addition, the Ministry of Commerce must also stamp the shipping documents with a “Visa Fraud” note indicating that the goods have been successfully subject to fraud inspection before they can clear customs.

If a U.S. firm encounters a problem involving Algerian Customs, it may fax a letter in French to the Direction Chargée de la Cooperation et des Relations Internationales describing the situation in detail.  The fax number is +213-21-72-59-75.  The phone number is +213-21-72-2088.

Agricultural Imports

Potential exists for U.S. agricultural products in Algeria as Algeria relies on imports of strategic commodities like wheat, feed grains, and milk powder to fulfill the domestic demand.   U.S. exporters face stiff competition from EU suppliers because of the geographic proximity to Europe and the lack of direct shipping lines between the U.S. and North Africa.  The top U.S. agricultural products exported to Algeria included soybeans, tree nuts, dairy products, wheat, soybean oil, corn, planting seeds, forest products, materials, and products destined for animal feed, pulses, and live animals.  These commodities are not included on the list of goods subject to a temporary additional safeguard duty (Droit Additionnel Provisoire de Sauvegarde or DAPs) implemented in January 2019.  Most foods receiving an additional safeguard duty of (60%) are processed and high-value products.  For more information, please contact the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service in Algeria by email at  or telephone at (213-770) 08-2111/2112.  Please also visit their website at