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Food and Agriculture Value Chain
Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists across 200 global cities are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. companies across the food and agriculture value chain.

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International Trade Administration Contacts for the Agribusiness Supply Chain

The International Trade Administration offers a range of industry expertise and business development opportunities across the  agribusiness supply chain including industry data and trends, market intelligence, and trade events leveraging our Office of Transportation and Machinery and the U.S. Commercial Service’s worldwide network located in 100 offices nationwide and in more than 70 international offices.

Agribusiness Supply Chain Contacts

Take advantage of the expertise offered across the International Trade Administration export value chain.


Office of Machinery & Transportation

Pat Sweeney
Supervisor, Machinery Team
Industry & Analysis
Office of Transportation and Machinery
U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration
Phone: 202-482-5024 (Office)


Office of Consumer Goods

Leah Markowitz
Business & Industry Specialist, Processed Foods
Industry & Analysis
Office of Consumer Goods
U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration
Phone: 202-909-8559 (Office)


Global Agribusiness Team

Greg Thompson
Director, Global Agribusiness Team
U.S. Commercial Service, Denver
U.S. Department of Commerce|International Trade Administration
Phone: 817-983-5681 (mobile)


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