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Advanced Manufacturing
Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists in 200 global cities is dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports.
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This 2024 guide provides an overview of the international Plastics Materials and Machinery Market
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International Trade Administration Contacts for the Advanced Manufacturing Industry

The International Trade Administration offers a range of industry expertise and business development opportunities for U.S. advanced manufacturing exporters including market intelligence, trade data, and trade events leveraging our Office of Transportation and Machinery and the U.S. Commercial Service’s worldwide network located in 100 offices nationwide and in more than 70 international offices.

Advanced Manufacturing Contacts

Padraic ‘Pat’ SweeneyMachinery Team Leader 
Monitors industry and trade policy issues on: International trade in Advanced Manufacturing Goods & Services, Material Handling Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Packaging Machinery, and Agricultural Equipment
Phone: 202-482-5024

Forrest Nielsen
Designated Federal Officer (DFO) for the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods (ITAC-2).
International Trade Specialist - Railway Equipment, Diesel Engines, Metalworking Equipment/Machine Tools, and Print Equipment
Phone: 202-482-5784

Jaron Bass
International Trade Specialist - Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Technologies
Phone: 202-839-2357

Amanda Lawrence
International Trade Specialist - Industrial Automation Technology, Process Controls and Sensors, Electric Motors, Precision Components including Industrial Valves
Phone: (202) 322-9146


Looking for information on upcoming trade events or other business development opportunities? Please contact the Team Leaders or SubSector Leads.

Global Advanced Manufacturing Team Leaders:

Pam Plagens
Global Advanced Manufacturing Team Leader

Padraic ‘Pat’ Sweeney
Global Advanced Manufacturing Deputy Team Leader

Sector Co-Leads

Additive Manufacturing

Automation/Industry 4.0

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Materials

Material Handling/Woodworking



U.S. Commercial Service Offices in the United States

Looking for local assistance in the advanced manufacturing industry?  Locate the office nearest you.

Name Title City State E-Mail
Christina Parisi International Trade Specialist Tuscan AZ 
Molly Ho Information and Communications Technology Team Leader Phoenix AZ 
Cindy Ma International Trade Specialist San Jose CA
Colleen Simons Regional Director, Pacific South Network California CA
Ellen Bohan Global Teams Director Ontario CA 
Erica Ramirez Senior International Trade Specialist Ontario  CA
Joanne Vliet Office Director San Jose CA 
Terri Batch Senior International Trade Specialist Los Angeles-West CA 
Amanda Lawrence International Trade Specialist, Office of Transportation & Machinery Washington DC 
Amy Tabine Advocacy Center & Africa-Middle East Team Leader Washington DC 
Ann Ngo Senior International Trade Specialist, Office of Northern Europe Washington DC 
Anthony Quinn Team Lead, Office of Standards & Intellectual Property  Washington DC 
Blandine Trouille Analyst, Office of Materials Washington DC 
Catherine Werner  Foreign Service Officer Washington DC 
Drew Pederson Office of the Middle East Washington DC 
Elise Reysbergen  International al Trade Specialist, Office of Information Technologies Washington DC 
Ellen House Deputy Director, Office of Western & Northern Europe Washington DC 
Forrest Nielsen International Trade Specialist, Office of Transportation & Machinery Washington DC 
Jaron Bass International Trade Specialist, Office of Transportation & Machinery Washington DC 
Jenny May International Trade Specialist, Global China Team Leader Washington DC 
John Meakem International Trade Specialist, Office of Materials Washington  DC 
Kam Shah Senior International Trade Specialist Washington DC Kam.Shah@Trade.Gov 
Kim Copperthite Industry Officer, Office of Materials Washington DC 
Kyle Johnson International Trade Specialist, Office of Health & Information Technology Washington DC 
Lily McFeeters Advisor, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing Washington DC 
Melissa Blackledge International Trade Specialist, Office of Materials Washington DC 
Natalie Levine Senior International Trade Specialist, Office of China and Mongolia Washington DC 
Padraic ‘Pat’ Sweeney  Machinery Team Leader, Office of Transportation and Machinery Washington DC 
Tracy Gerstle  Senior Trade Specialist, Industry & Analysis, Office of Materials Washington DC 
Kenneth Mouradian Office Director Orlando FL 
Miguel Olivares Senior International Trade Specialist Ft. Lauderdale FL 
Mindi Hertzog Senior International Trade Specialist Orlando FL 
Heather McLeod Commercial Officer Atlanta GA 
Albert Liu Office Director Des Moines IA 
Catherine L Muth Commercial Officer Des Moines IA 
Jay Park Commercial Officer Boise ID 
Elizabeth Ahern Office Director Peoria IL 
Godfrey Angara Commercial Officer Chicago IL  
Kyungsoo “Dan” Kim Senior International Trade Specialist Chicago IL 
Mark Cooper Office Director Indianapolis IN 
Charlotte Conerly International Trade Specialist New Orleans LA 
John Henry Jackson Senior International Trade Specialist New Orleans LA 
Anthony Diaz Manager, Strategic Partnerships, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Gaithersburg MD 
Jolanta Coffey Senior International Trade Specialist Baltimore MD 
Eric Podzorski Commercial Officer Pontiac MI 
Eve Lerman Industrial Machinery Subsector Lead Pontiac  MI 
Jennifer Moll Office Director Detroit MI 
Kendra Kuo Office Director Grand Rapids MI 
Mathew Woodlee Senior International Trade Specialist Minneapolis MN 
Carey Hester Office Director Missoula MT 
Emily Greffi Senior International Trade Specialist Greensboro NC 
Frances Selema Senior International Trade Specialist Greensboro NC 
Juanita Harthun Senior International Trade Specialist Charlotte NC 
Meredith Bond Office Director Omaha NE 
Janice Barlow Office Director (Acting) Lawrenceville NJ 
Tricia McLain Senior International Trade Specialist Newark NJ 
Alex Holmgren  Commercial Officer Las Vegas NV 
Hector Rodriguez International Trade Specialist Las Vegas NV  
Martin Herbst Office Director Las Vegas NV 
Anastasia Xenias Europe Team Leader New York NY 
Joan Kanlian Office Director White Plains NY 
John Tracy Senior International Trade Specialist Buffalo NY 
Marisel Trespalacios Office Director Long Island NY 
Amy Freedman Senior International Trade Specialist Cleveland OH 
Darren Srebnick Office Director Columbus OH 
Deborah Dirr Office Director Cincinnati OH 
Todd Hiser Senior International Trade Specialist Cleveland OH 
Ashley Wilson International Trade Specialist Tulsa OK 
Kellie Holloway Office Director Portland OR 
Alexandra ‘Ali’ Natale International Trade Specialist Philadelphia PA 
Lauren Coughlin Commercial Officer Philadelphia PA 
Laurie Kelleher Commercial Officer Pittsburgh PA 
Ryan Russell Environmental Technology Team Leader Pittsburgh PA 
Steven Murray Senior International Trade Specialist Pittsburgh PA 
Jose Burgos Office Director Guaynabo PR 
Anastasia Mukherjee Senior International Trade Specialist Columbia SC 
Dorette Coetsee Office Director Columbia SC  
Phil Minard Office Director Charleston SC 
Stephanie Bethel Senior International Trade Specialist Greensboro SC 
Lilliam Baez International Trade Specialist Memphis TN  
Daniel Rodriguez Office Director San Antonio TX 
John Kim International Trade Specialist Dallas / Ft. Worth TX 
Karen Parker Senior International Trade Specialist Austin TX 
Pam Plagens Advanced Manufacturing Team Leader Houston TX 
Peter Tataris Senior International Trade Specialist Houston TX 
Robert Queen Office Director El Paso TX 
Koreen Grube Office Director Wauwatosa WI 
Rebecca ‘Becca’ Gladen Senior International Trade Specialist Wauwatosa WI 


Can’t find a specialist in your state?  Use our zip code look-up to locate the office nearest you: