Office of Transportation and Machinery

The Office of Transportation and Machinery (OTM) undertakes industry analysis on the aerospace, automotive and machinery industries.

The Office of Transportation and Machinery (OTM) undertakes industry analysis, contributes to U.S. trade policy development, participates in trade negotiations, organizes trade capacity building programs, and evaluates the impact of domestic and international economic and regulatory policies on the aerospace, automotive and machinery industries.

The Aerospace Team covers aerospace equipment including large civil aircraft, regional jets, rotorcraft, commercial space, general aviation, engines and power plants, unmanned aerial systems, maintenance, repair and overhaul, air traffic management equipment, and airport infrastructure/aviation security. For more information about OTM and ITA’s work with these industries, visit the Aerospace and Defense Industries page

The Automotive Team covers automotive vehicles and parts including passenger vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, and vehicles and systems for ground defense. The Automotive team compiles trade data on automotive goods based on product groupings created by OTM. For more information about OTM and ITA’s work with these industries, visit the Automotive and Smart Mobility Industries page

The Machinery Team covers industrial machinery including construction and mining equipment, metalworking equipment and machine tools, printing, publishing and converting technologies, plastics, rubber and chemical production equipment, agribusiness equipment, rail equipment, industrial automation equipment, and food processing and packaging machinery. For more information about OTM and ITA’s work with these industries, visit the Advanced Manufacturing page

OTM Contacts:

Sector Portfolio Contact OTM Staff
 Aerospace Team Lead; Space Launch; Space Products; Remote Sensing; Aircraft Finance, Export Credits, and Cape Town Convention  Kim Wells 
 Aerospace Airport Infrastructure, Aviation Security, Avionics, Air Traffic Management Equipment, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, DFO for ITAC 1  Jonathan Alvear
Aerospace Global Defense Exports; Competitiveness and Subsidies Issues; Aircraft Parts, Including Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Parts; Airworthiness Approval Regulations; Offsets; Aerospace Issues in China; DFO for ITAC 1 Robert McEntire
Aerospace Large Civil Aircraft, WTO Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft, Aircraft Parts, Aircraft Engines, MRO, Naval Shipbuilding, Aerospace and Space Issues in Europe Vacant 
Aerospace Defense; Aerospace and Space Issues in Asia, including Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the ASEAN Region, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Brazil Luke Yanos
Aerospace Defense Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS); Rotorcraft; Space; Aerospace issues in Africa, the Western Hemisphere, and India Meredith Boyle
Automotive Team Lead; USMCA Implementation; Trade Classification Systems; Trade Policy Actions Elizabeth Clark
Automotive Automotive Issues in China, North Africa, and the Middle East; Counterfeiting Issues; SEMA MDCP Team Leader Elizabeth Couch
Automotive Automotive Issues in Central and South America, Caribbean, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Europe; Remanufacturing Issues; Advanced Automotive Power Trains; Alternative Fuel and Fuel-Economy Technologies; Regulatory Issues Affecting the U.S. Automotive Industry (including EPA and NHTSA) Andy Parris
Automotive Automotive Issues in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the ASEAN Region; Automotive Issues in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum; Automotive Trade Data Todd Peterson
Automotive Automotive Issues in Mexico, Canada, Korea, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh; Automotive Issues in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement; Legislative Issues Concerning the Automotive Industry; Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Concerns Jeffrey Williams
Machinery Acting Team Lead, Agricultural Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Padraic Sweeney
Machinery Construction Equipment; Mining Machinery; Re-Manufactured Machinery; Fluid Power Technology; Pumps; Plastics Production Equipment; Printing, Publishing, & Converting Technologies and Equipment Kit Rudd
Machinery Diesel Engines; Railway Equipment; Additive Manufacturing; Packaging Materials; Metalworking Equipment/Machine Tools; Industrial Molds; Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, & Fixtures; Welding Apparatus; Soldering Equipment; DFO for ITAC 2 Forrest Nielsen
Machinery Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Material Handling Equipment, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Metalworking Equipment/Machine Tools Jaron Bass
Machinery Industrial Automation, Process Controls and Sensors, Electric Motors, Industrial Valves, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Amanda Lawrence 
Transportation and Machinery Office Director Scott Kennedy