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Discover Our New Supply Chain Center
The Supply Chain Center proactively strengthens America’s supply chains to support U.S. economic competitiveness, jobs, and communities.

Supply Chain Center

The Department of Commerce’s First-of-its-Kind Supply Chain Center

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The Supply Chain Center (SCC), which is housed in the Industry and Analysis unit (I&A), is increasing the resilience of select critical supply chains. We are integrating industry expertise and data analytics to develop innovative supply chain risk assessment tools, coordinating case studies on select critical supply chains, and collaborating with international partners on mutual supply chain priorities.

The SCC seeks to be: 

  • Proactive in getting ahead of supply chain challenges. 
  • Strategic in setting priorities for policy action. 
  • A force multiplier in improving the effectiveness of U.S. Government investments. 
  • A partner to industry in building resilient supply chains and supporting U.S. businesses to lead the industries of the future. 


What We’re Doing

Our team of industry experts and economists are working to make our supply chains more resilient.

  • We are boosting our ability to foresee supply chain risks by building a cross-sectoral risk assessment framework.  This framework will pinpoint and prioritize sectors facing the highest risks, allowing us to focus on in-depth analysis for actionable and evidence-based policy recommendations.
  • We are leveraging advanced and customized commercial analytic tools for targeted scans of critical sectors and employing automation to identify potential signs of emerging risks. 
  • We are expanding our capability to model scenarios and evaluate the potential impacts of proposed policy actions. 
  • We are deepening our proactive analysis, by pursuing several case studies into strategic products, sectors, and emerging technologies, to develop a lasting replicable and scalable framework and toolkit for conducting future deep dives. 


Supply Chain Center Partnerships

Across all that we do, we depend on close partnerships across government, industry, academia, labor, and civil society.

Through the important work of our industry experts across I&A, we are working to gather insights, develop accurate assessments of risks and opportunities, and take targeted and coordinated action to protect and advance U.S. supply chain resiliency and economic competitiveness.  

We have benefitted tremendously from the input of the Department’s Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness, the President’s Export Council, and other key industry advisors, as well as interagency partners.


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Supply Chain Data and Analytics Summit

Later this year, the Department of Commerce will convene a diverse array of public and private stakeholders at the 2024 Supply Chain Data and Analytics Summit. We look forward to bringing together the best minds across industry, government, academia, and civil society as we build upon our partnerships and engage on key questions around supply chain data and best practices to assess and respond to supply chain risks and threats.  

More Details Coming Soon!


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