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MDCP Leveraging Foreign Trade Zones

man in warehouse looking at U.S. supplement in China

U.S. Dietary Supplement Products Popular in China

Instead of each U.S. firm creating its own FTZ presence in China, UNPA provides one for all its members.

Jiangxi Province Foreign Affairs Official inspects U.S. products at the Nanchang Foreign Trade Zone. The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) is using the FTZ to make it easier for U.S. makers of dietary supplements to sell to customers in China. The support of the International Trade Administration goes beyond the $300,000 financial award ITA made to UNPA in late 2020. 

Aliza Totayo in Guangzhou has been leading a team of ITA’s Commercial Service China staff coordinating UNPA’s activities.  Other CS China staff engaged in project support include Ming Yang, Xiaowan Yan, and Yaoyi Wang. Victoria Kao, in ITA’s Industry & Analysis, Office of Consumer Goods, coordinates overall support by the 11-member ITA project team from Washington, D.C.  From ITA’s Commercial Service field office in Salt Lake City, where UNPA is headquartered, Shelby Daiek and Daniel Bruner provide stateside support. 

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