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Market Research on New Rep Leads to $80K Export Sale for Linor Technology

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Sometimes, even when a small business already has an international customer, the expertise and connections of the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) can be invaluable. Web-control technology manufacturer Linor Technology, Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC, makes electronic water monitoring and fish feeding systems that are ideal for shrimp farming.

CS Greensboro’s Stephanie Bethel learned that Linor had a customer in Ecuador for this product, but was experiencing language barriers. To ensure this market was worth Linor’s time and resources, Stephanie reached out to her colleague in Ecuador, who provided customized market research for the company. This included interviewing prospective customers and Linor’s existing customer in the shrimp farming industry.

Using the information found in the report, Linor Technology felt comfortable working with the existing Ecuadorian customer as their representative in Ecuador. Indeed, it was worth the effort, as the sale was for $80,000.

Company Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Local Office: Greensboro, North Carolina

Trade Specialist: Stephanie Bethel -

Services: Customized Market Research