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Exporting Helps Idaho Manufacturer Sustain Year-round Operations


Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. has made its home in Twin Falls, Idaho since 1962. The company’s products are 100 percent recycled, natural, cellulose fibers manufactured into insulation, hydro-mulch, hydro-compost, well-drilling fiber pack, landfill litter control, alternative daily landfill cover, industrialized fibers, and worm bedding. With just 20 employees, exporting allows continued operations year-round, with employees working where weather conditions are amenable to their applications.
To assist them with their export goals, Hamilton worked with the U.S. Commercial Service in Boise, Idaho. They currently export to more than 40 countries, and to procure business in a country like Chile, for example, they used the U.S. Commercial Service Gold Key Service. With this service, U.S. Commercial Service staff did a search for potential partners that would be a good fit for Hamilton. Company principles then traveled to Chile, met with these potential partners, and sales were made as a result. 

“We’ve worked all over the world with the Commercial Service. I’d highly recommend [them to] companies that have some interest in expanding to overseas markets. It’s a  lot of fun to travel and get to meet specialists who will provide you with market information and most likely you’re going to be able to open up your business.” Matt Smith, Hamilton Manufacturing