Success Story
Water and Wastewater Guinea Exports

ECOBiotix Makes First International Sale

ECOBiotix, based in Frederick, Maryland, produces a customized blend of bio-surfactants, microbes and enzymes to enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants by mitigating carcinogens and hazardous materials. The company wanted to start exporting and contacted the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) Baltimore office for help.

CS Baltimore encouraged the firm to participate in its ExporTech, a nationally recognized 3-month program designed to help U.S. companies develop and launch an export plan. CS Baltimore’s Jolanta Coffey guided and coached ECOBiotix through the export process. 

During the ExporTech program, ECOBiotix was introduced to a CS specialist from Mozambique who discussed export opportunities in Africa. ECOBiotix pursued an opportunity in Guinea, secured a great partner and negotiated its very first international sale worth $51,000.

“Thank you so much for your continuous support and guidance, we could not have done this without your help. It is invaluable to know that such resources are available to a small business like mine.”  – Tyrone Duggins, CEO, ECOBiotix LLC

Company Location: Frederick, Maryland

Company Website: 

Local Office: Baltimore, Maryland 

Trade Specialist: Jolanta Coffey–

Services: Export Counseling, ExporTech