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Campion Academy Finds New Partners in Hong Kong

Campion Hong Kong

The halt in travel throughout the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the education sector, steeply decreasing international enrollment in U.S. universities and secondary institutions. Campion Academy, a boarding school in Loveland, Colorado, was no exception to this. they came to the US Commercial Service looking for guidance on productive ways to form new international partnerships despite the obvious difficulties.

 In June 2020, the U.S. Commercial Service Global Education Team facilitated a virtual educator-to-educator program giving U.S.-based universities and secondary institutions the opportunity to showcase their schools to international agents and counselors. Campion Academy participated in the virtual educator-to-educator program. Following the event, the Education Team distributed contact information for all who participated to encourage future connections. Campion Academy successfully met with several international institutions, forming a partnership with Maxway Education and American Academic Advisors in Hong Kong.

May Forshee, International Recruiter for Campion Academy, is hopeful that this event and the resulting connections will put the academy in a better position for the upcoming school years, “This experience was great to get to know many new agents out there. … Last year during the pandemic was a terrible year for everyone. We hope to pick up more agents this year and get a head start for this coming year.”