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U.S. Commercial Service Saudi Arabia

If your company needs export assistance, begin with your local U.S. Commercial Service in the United States. Our trade professionals are in more than 100 locations nationwide and can help coordinate with our overseas offices.

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Contact Information:

Embassy of the United States of America
Commercial Section
P. O. Box 94309
Riyadh 11693 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 8350000
E-mail: office.riyadh@trade.gov


Mr. James Golsen
Counselor for Commercial Affairs

Mrs. Carla Menendez
Deputy Senior Commercial Officer

Mr.Kerry Lepain
Commercial Officer

Mrs. Cara Lofaro 
Standards Attaché for the Middle East & North Africa


Mr. Khalid Khan
Commercial Specialist
Ext. 4302
Industries covered: Healthcare and Infrastructure.

Mr. Saad Ahmed
Commercial Specialist
Ext. 4119
Industries covered: Transportation & Logistics, Environmental Technologies, Infrastructure, Agricultural Equipment, and Packaged Foods.

Mr. Tareq Ghazal
Sr. Commercial Specialist
Ext. 4733
Industries covered: ICT,  Education Training, and Energy.

Ms. Hanan Hali
Program Manager
Ext. 4218

Mr. Hesham Alawad
Commercial Specialist
Industries covered: Defense, Aerospace, Safety & Security, and Services & Consumer Goods.  


American Consulate General
P. O. Box 149 Jeddah 21411
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 2205000
Fax: +966 12 6644148
E-mail: office.jeddah@trade.gov


Ms. Julie LeBlanc
Principal Commercial Officer for the Western Province
Ext. 4215

Mr. Anwar Shaqhan
Commercial Specialist
Ext. 4259
Industries covered: Infrastructure, Healthcare, ICT, Transportation, Franchising, Mining & Minerals, and Agricultural Equipment

Mr. Shariq Iqbal
Commercial Specialist
Ext. 3157
Industries covered: Entertainment & Tourism, Franchising, Consumer Goods, Education Training, Environmental Technologies, Energy, and Mining.

American Consulate General
P. O. Box 38955
Dhahran 31942 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 3303200
Fax: +966 13 3302190
E-mail: office.dhahran@trade.gov


Mrs. Tatyana Aguirre
Commercial Consul


Mr. Mohammed Shujauddin
Commercial Specialist
Ext. 3137
Industries covered: Oil & Gas, Renewables, Nuclear, Power, Transportation, Minerals & Mining, Agricultural Equipment, and Packaged Foods


Ms.Sabah Hersey
Commercial Assistant
Ext. 3065
Industries covered: Environmental Technologies, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods


U.S. Embassy Manama
Bldg 979, Road 3119, Block 331, Zinj
P.O. Box 26431
Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: (+973) 17 242700
Fax: (+973) 17 272594


Mr. Ryan Flory
Economic Officer


Ms. Imane Alalaiwat 
Commercial Specialist