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Sub Saharan Africa Partner Post
Commercial Service provides guidance and support to State Department economic/commercial sections at Sub-Saharan Africa Partner Posts.

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The team in Rwanda works in partnership with CS in Kenya to bring U.S. firms the full range of services in this developing market.

Commercial Section
U.S. Embassy Kigali
2657 Avenue de la Gendarmerie (Kacyiru)
P.O. Box 28 Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: (250) 252-596-400
Fax:(250) 252-580-325

Name Mr. Jonathan Scott
Title: Economic and Commercial Affairs Officer
U.S. Embassy Rwanda
Tel:  Ext. 252

Name Mr. Eugene Uwizeyimana
Title Economic-Commercial Specialist
U.S. Embassy Rwanda
Tel:  Ext. 737

Commercial Specialist or CS Partner Post Manager
Ms. Catherine Malinda
U.S. Commercial Service Kenya
Tel: EXT.