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Research Center
Discover the world of trade data and analysis from ITA's team of trade specialists and partners around the world.

Research Center

Explore Industries

Discover reports, data and ITA analysis by Industry.
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Top Markets Series
If you want to find out which markets have the greatest opportunities for your industry, start here.
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Search for Industries
If you want to find all information available about a particular industry, start here.

Research by Country

Find trade data, research and reports about countries and markets around the world.
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Country Comercial Guides
If you want to learn about trade, policies and economic conditions in countries around the world, this is a great place to start.
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Market Diversification Tool
Searching for the next country or market to take your business? Try our Market Diversification Tool.

Topics of Interest

Discover more about particular trade topics.
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Explore analysis, trends and licensing applications on this critical industrial material.
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Employment and Trade
Explore a collection of reports, analysis and data related to U.S. employment and international trade.
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States of Trade
Explore state by state effects of international trade including exports, employment, and foreign investment
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International Trade Advisor Center
Find out about the International Trade Advisory Committees and their role in shaping U.S. trade policy.
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Trade Data and Analysis
Discover the world of trade data and explore many more trade topics.
Export Trading Company Act
Explore how to collaborate to reduce exports costs and compete more effectively in export markets.
Industry & Analysis Regulatory Affairs Program
Find out how I&A participates in the Federal Regulatory Review process.