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Perform Due Diligence
Take measures to be confident that an export market is the right one for you, and that foreign partners and buyers are reputable.

Perform Due Diligence

Investigate the political, economic, and financial conditions of the market. Carefully select partners and buyers to ensure a successful and profitable relationship.

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Resources for Performing Due Diligence

Start your due diligence by using online resources and the U.S. Commercial Service.

How to Perform Due Diligence

Good due diligence will help protect your company from problems, loss, and liability. Learn how to evaluate countries and potential buyers/partners. As your company expands into new markets, it's important to continue your due diligence efforts.
Country Risk
If you are interested in a new market, look closely at the political, economic and business environment to ensure it is a good move for your company.
Company/Partner Risk
An International Company Profile will help you properly evaluate a potential buyer or foreign partner.
Purchasing Risk
Minimize the risk of fraud when selling to foreign customers.