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Assess Country Risk
Understanding potential risks of a new market will allow you to adjust course or get help to protect your company.

Assess Country Risk

There is a risk to every shipment, whether in the U.S. or internationally. When evaluating a strategy for entering a new international market, be aware of potential risks and the resources that can help mitigate that risk. Then you can be as prepared as possible if an adverse event happens. 

Country Factors to Research

  • Political Stability 
  • Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Economic Stability
  • Legal System
  • Intellectual Property Protection Laws
  • Banking Structure
  • Tax Implications
  • Dispute Resolution Options 

Resources and Assistance

  • The U.S. Commercial Service, though trade professionals at U.S. Embassies and Consulates, can provide information about operating in the country.
  • Learn in advance whether your product is subject to additional foreign duties as a result of a foreign trade remedy action. The International Trade Administration’s Trade Remedies Compliance staff helps U.S. companies affected by foreign antidumping, countervailing duty and safeguard investigations of their exports. 
  • The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business country ratings.
  • Country credit rating from major credit rating firms.
  • Your bank is also an important ally in mitigating financial risk for exports. Work closely and directly with your bank in preparation for an international transaction.