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Export Trading Company
U.S. Exporters can get a competitive edge through the Export Trade Certificate of Review Program.

Export Trading Company

Are you an exporter looking for a competitive edge? 

Consider applying for an Export Trade Certificate of Review (ETCR). An ETCR allows you to work together with other companies to create economies of scale when exporting goods and services from the United States.

The ETCR provides substantive federal antitrust protection and procedural benefits to U.S. firms interested in collaborating on export activities. By coordinating with one another under the legal protection of this program, U.S. firms can reduce their shipping costs, boost their negotiating power, fill large export orders, and develop long-term export business.

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Create Economies of Scale

An ETCR provides you the freedom to form export joint ventures with other companies, working together to generate cost efficiencies and share risks of exporting. Some examples include: 

  • Jointly negotiating for volume discounts on shipping or transportation
  • Participating in large-volume export sales orders
  • Teaming up to avoid rivalries in export markets
  • Using group bargaining power with foreign buyers
  • Sharing information on foreign country governmental laws and regulations
  • Developing joint long-term export business strategies
  • Reducing exchange rate risks from currency hedging strategies

These are just some of the advantages available from an ETCR.  

A Long History of Success

The Department of Commerce has administered the Export Trade Certificate of Review since it was authorized by Congress in the Export Trade Act of 1982. To date, we have provided Certificates to more than 2000 companies exporting more than $20 billion of goods and services each year under the program. Our team at the International Trade Administration is ready to help you join these exporters who are reaping the benefits of the program. 

We are here to help!

Our experts can help determine your eligibility and walk you through the process.

Read Sample Applications and Tips

See examples of Certificates of Review and learn useful tips when applying.

Review Application Instructions

Learn more details about this program and the application process

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Export Trade Certificate Review Guidelines
Read the guidelines that set forth the factors a firm should consider in deciding whether to apply for a Certificate of Review.
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Export Trading Company Act: Title III Regulations

Review the regulations for the Export Trade Certificate of Review Program