U.S. Commercial Service Morocco
Our trade experts in the U.S. and Morocco can help you find trade opportunities and win international business.

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If your company is interested in export assistance, begin by contacting your local U.S. Commercial Service in the United States. Our trade professionals are in more than 100 locations nationwide and can help coordinate with our overseas offices.

Trade specialists at the U.S. Consulate in Casablanca are available to help your company identify trade opportunities and local potential trading partners within the region.

The U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Consulate General
8, boulevard Moulay Youssef
Casablanca, Morocco
T: +212 522 64 20 23
F: +212 522 22 02 59

Shakir Farsakh
Senior Commercial Officer
T: +212 555 64 20

Kenza El-Amrani
Senior Commercial Specialist
T: +212 522 64 21 25
Industries: Aerospace Civil and Defense; Franchise, Prosper Africa, SelectUSA.

Halima Berrami
Commercial Specialist
T: +212 522 64 20 81
Industries: Safety & Security; Defense (Land and Sea); Environmental Technology; Renewable Energy; Healthcare.

Redouane Ghadouna
Commercial Specialist
T: +212 522 64 20 23
Industries: Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods, Education, ICT, Automotive, Infrastructure (Construction and Design).

Latifa Gannoune
Admin/Budget Assistant
T: +212 522 64 20 82

*For information on other industries not listed above please contact Mrs. Kenza El-Amrani.