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Information and Communication Technology West Bank and Gaza

West Bank Information Technology 4G Mobile Service

The upgrade will have a positive impact on Palestinian economic development and the standard of living in the West Bank and Gaza. The higher 4G mobile speed will also result in opportunities for U.S. manufacturers and exporters of Information and Telecommunications Technology (ICT) products and services.        

The Palestinian ICT sector took a major step forward with the launch of 3G mobile service in the West Bank and with the introduction of Ooredoo mobile operator in Gaza in 2018. Currently, only 2G mobile service is available in Gaza. Jawwal and Oodedoo; the two mobile operators in the West Bank and Gaza have a combined 4.3 million subscribers. 

In July 2022, during his visit to the West Bank, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that Israeli and Palestinian teams will work together immediately to start the technological surveys with an aim to roll out an advanced infrastructure for 4G by the end of 2023. This commitment will speed up digital transformation and support a more well-connected Palestinian economy. The anticipated introduction of 4G into the West Bank and Gaza will stimulate further development of businesses, create new jobs, increase productivity, and increase online operations. In addition, the higher telecommunication speed will strengthen the PA, develop the Palestinian economy, and elevate standards of living by allowing faster access to online banking services, e-commerce, educational services, healthcare services, and travel services.

To upgrade their existing telecommunication network in preparation for the rollout of 4G, the two mobile operators in the West Bank and Gaza are expected to invest millions of U.S. dollars. The expansion of the higher speed telecommunication technology will result in export opportunities for U.S. manufacturers and exporters of telecommunication equipment, mobile phones and handsets, mobile applications, information technology services and others.      

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