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West Bank ICT Regulatory Reform

The law is intended to achieve the following goals:  

(1) create a competitive environment to establish communication networks;
(2) integrate the latest information and communication technologies;
(3) prevent monopolistic behavior;
(4) ensure the local population has access to communication services throughout the Palestinian Territories;
(5) monitor the performance of licensees and;
(6) protect the interests of subscribers and beneficiaries of communication and information technology services.  

The law also encourages the development of innovation and creativity in the ICT sector. By regulating the ICT sector in line with technological developments, high-quality ICT services at reasonable, fair, and competitive terms and prices is the domain of the regulatory agency.  

The Regulatory Agency shall carry the following tasks:

  • Implementing of general telecommunication policies, plans, and programs that are approved by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology.
  • Regulating telecommunication services to ensure providing high quality, fair, competitively priced, and cost-based telecommunications services.
  • Protecting the interests and privacy of telecommunication subscribers.
  • Setting the conditions and criteria for granting licenses for telecommunication networks and services, allocating and using the limited telecommunications resources such as frequencies and numbers, and managing the spectrum frequencies.
  • Granting special approvals, licenses and permits, and their renewal, amendment, and cancellation. 
  • Determining the service quality standards to ensure the provision of high-quality services.
  • Imposing penalties on license violations.
  • Setting criteria for determining the prices of telecommunication services in accordance with actual competition and cost.

With the introduction of the new ICT law, new opportunities will emerge in the West Bank for U.S. exporters of telecommunication equipment and services, computer networking equipment, cybersecurity solutions, servers, software, and consumer electronics. 

For more information regarding the new ICT law or export opportunities related to the Palestinian Territories, please contact Assad Barsoum at