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Safety and Security West Bank and Gaza

West Bank and Gaza Safety & Security Sector

The Palestinian market for safety and security is estimated at $50 million and mostly dominated by imports from the United States, Europe, China, Korea, and Taiwan. The demand for safety and security equipment has been growing significantly over the last few years driven by the increase in (residential/commercial/both) building construction. Some of the U.S. companies currently represented in the Palestinian markets include, but are not limited to: Honeywell, Garrett, American Dynamics, and Kidde. The main end-users are banks, hotels, hospitals, diplomatic missions, and Palestinian government agencies.      

Existing Challenges

With Israel directly administering the flow of goods across its borders, imports entering the West Bank and Gaza must transit and clear customs at Israel’s sea- and airports. Therefore, some of the non-tariff trade barriers are Palestinian companies’ inability to obtain import licenses for certain products and delays by the Government of Israel in releasing imports that are classified as “dual use.” In addition, U.S. companies face stiff competition from imports coming from South Korea, China, and Taiwan.  

Active Opportunities for U.S. Safety and Security Exporters

Good opportunities exist for U.S. exports of video management systems and CCTV solutions, fire and suppression alarm systems, burglar alarms, intrusion alarms, law enforcement equipment and supplies.  Also, U.S.-made access control systems, such as hand-held and walkthrough metal detectors, x-ray machines, security barriers, vehicle security control pollards, and pedestrian access control equipment are in high demand. In addition, there is a good demand for uniforms, protective apparel, and accessories both for industrial and security use.

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