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The Uruguayan government will sell a portion of the state-owned railway logistics company “Servicios Logisticos Ferroviarios.” 

The Uruguayan railway network has about 2,900 km of 1.435 mm gauge rail lines, of which approximately half of the network is currently active.  

The Uruguayan government announcement to sell 49% of the state-owned railway logistics company “Servicios Logisticos Ferroviarios” (SELF), responsible for Uruguay’s railway cargo operations.  SELF was created in 2011 and is owned by Uruguay’s National Development Corporation (CND), which holds 49% of the shares, and the State Railroad Administration (AFE), which has a controlling 51%.  With the proposed 49% sale, the remaining 51%  of the company will remain under Uruguay’s State Railway Administration.  Uruguay’s in-bound government authorities are interested in finding an American or European company with experience, expertise in railway operations and rolling stock inventory to which they can sell the minority stake. 

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