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Uruguay Capurro Fishing Port Concession

This project is for the concession of a fishing port terminal in the Port of Montevideo. 


Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, and the city hosts a strategic maritime port.  Within the Port of Montevideo is Capurro located in the logistics area of the port.  The Uruguayan Port Authority intends to develop a commercial fishing port in this 10-hectare area to provide logistics to commercial fishing fleets and related port activities, such as maintenance and refrigerated storage facilities.  Waterway access to Capurro will have a depth of seven meters.

The purpose of the concession is to develop a regional base for Uruguayan and foreign fishing fleets that provides maintenance and service for ships, cargo processing and storage, and crew-related services.  This specialized terminal project will be developed as part of Uruguay’s Free Port Regime which grants some tax exemptions for activities occurring within the port.  Fishing fleets from Spain, Korea, China, and other countries use the Port of Montevideo as a base of operations and for the transshipment of high-value cargo. The berthing capacity for this facility will be up to 35 small ships of 40 meters in length and up to 15 large ships ranging between 90 and 113 meters in length. 

Commercial opportunities

The project concession is for the development of a fishing terminal to include a pier, the construction of a warehouse, and providing services for national and international fishing fleets.  Infrastructure investment for works currently under construction by the National Port Authority (ANP) is assumed to be made by the concessionaire.  The concessionaire is also expected to develop the piers, refrigerated warehouses, reefer container areas, and manage fishing port-related activities. The term of the concession will be 30 years and will include one initial payment of USD 14 million payable when the Certificate of Delivery is signed and an ongoing monthly fee of USD 58,500 payable throughout the term of the concession.  The tender is expected to be released in Q1 2022

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