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Uruguay 2025 Digital Agenda

Uruguay’s roadmap for digital development will create opportunities for software and hardware providers, telecom and network services companies.

Approved in May 2021 and managed by Uruguay’s e-Government and Knowledge Management Agency, Agesic, Uruguay’s 2025 Digital Agenda is the country’s roadmap for future digital development. This development will create opportunities for software and hardware providers, as well as telecom and the plan includes expansion of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks to locations with less than 3,000 inhabitants, completing 4G cellular coverage nationwide, the assignment of new spectrum bands for mobile technology and increasing 5G coverage. The government also plans to improve the detection and response to cyber incidents through the implementation of new technologies that allow the application of predictive analysis and automated responses.

The 2025 Digital Agenda also calls for the adoption of digital health services. Opportunities are expected in the development of digital prescriptions, integration of electronic medical records, and the modernization of the communication processes.  The Government of Uruguay will also promote Industry 4.0 digital transformation towards the adoption of Internet of Information and Automation processes in strategic sectors with further incorporation of IoT in the management of public services, energy, water, communications, and transportation.  

For example, the government plans to improve road safety and reduce operating costs by automating tolls on the national road network and implementing automatic radar stations. There will also be opportunities for strengthening the communications infrastructure in prisons to enable telemedicine, remote learning, and virtual court hearings. Additionally, local governments will have smart city initiatives focused on sustainable development. 

Other plans include the consolidation of a national meteorological and climate database, the installation of a meteorological radar and the expansion of the meteorological station network and tele pluviometers.

See the Uruguay Digital 2025 agenda, in Spanish.

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