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United Kingdom Wales New International Learning Exchange Program

The devolved Welsh Government in the United Kingdom has announced the launch of the International Learning Exchange Programme (ILEP).

The program is for approximately 15,000 students, educators, and related staff to undertake a period of overseas learning or work experience and establish new international partnerships.  The ILEP will be reciprocal, allowing 10,000 international participants to travel to Wales.  Forty partner countries, including the U.S., are expected to be involved in the program which replaces the European Union’s Erasmus scheme. 

The ILEP will run from the 2022/23 academic year until 2027, supported by an investment of £65 million ($89 million) from the Government.  A maximum of 30% of total costs may be available for the inward segment of the exchange however it’s anticipated that governments will provide all or most of the funding for their respective participants.  

The Government is keen to promote the program to a broad range of participants, including underrepresented groups and those with learning needs.  It will be open to learners and staff working in a broad range of institutions, such as schools, higher education, vocational education, adult education, or in youth work.  The ILEP also creates opportunities for international participants, including U.S. students, wishing to study or obtain work experience, as well as educational or vocational institutions interested in establishing partnerships with their Welsh counterparts.

ILEP executive Cardiff University, in conjunction with an advisory board, is in the process of devising the program and creating a web site.  

For updates and links to resources for the International Learning Exchange Programme, please contact:  

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