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United Kingdom Turing Scheme Replaces Erasmus

The UK Government announced a new outward mobility program for British students to study overseas, including U.S. institutions. 

On December 26, 2020 the UK Government announced a new outward mobility program called the Turing scheme.  As the UK’s transition period with the European Union has ended, it will no longer participate in the Erasmus+ program.  The Turing scheme will replace Erasmus+ for British students.

Study at U.S. educational institutions was not eligible under the Erasmus+ program. The Turing program, however, will support UK students wishing to study or to complete work placements globally, including the United States. One of the major concerns cited by UK students interested in U.S. study is cost. 

The Turing Program can alleviate this concern, as UK students will now be able to apply for funding to support U.S. study or work placement.  The overall funding amount is 130 million (£100 million), which is expected to support approximately 35,000 students in universities, colleges, and schools. The first placements and exchanges will take place from September 2021.  

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will be a key focus of the Turing program, as the UK seeks to boost student skills and prospects.  This segment of student is typically unable to consider U.S. study, but the Turing program has potential to change that.  As a result of the Turing program, U.S. institutions will have increased opportunity to capture more UK students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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