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United Kingdom Space Launch Program

The UK Government aims to establish commercial vertical and horizontal small satellite launch from UK spaceports. Space launch services will support the UK government’s ambition of increasing its market share of the global space sector from 5% to 10% by 2030. The UK Government’s vision is to be at the global forefront of small satellite launch and emerging space transportation markets capable of facilitating a range of commercial spaceflight activities, including small satellite and suborbital launch, from the early 2020s. 

The signing of the Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA) on 16 June 2020 between the U.S. and UK Governments has paved the way for U.S. companies to operate from UK spaceports and to export space launch technology to the UK while still abiding by the U.S. commitment to non-proliferation. The UK Government has also invested $56 million to develop the UK’s spaceflight capabilities, and is funding a range of industry-led projects including supporting vertical launches from a spaceport in Scotland and horizontal launches from Spaceport Cornwall. 

The UK Government intends for launch services to act as a catalyst for growth in the wider UK space industry. This growth will present opportunities for U.S. companies throughout the UK Space market.  In addition to space launch services, U.S. companies should look for partnering opportunities in GNSS, Earth Observation Satellites, Space Situational Awareness, In-Orbit Servicing & Manufacturing.  

If you are interested in carrying out spaceflight activity from the UK and you would like to meet with the UK Space Agency and Civil Aviation Authority to tell them about your plans, please contact the UK Space Agency at  

For more information on opportunities in the UK Space sector, please contact PJ Menner in Embassy London at