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A recent report by the National Health Service in England offers plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions. 

The public healthcare sector National Health Service (NHS) in England has published its “Delivering a Net Zero NHS” report, which outlines a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions and become the world’s first net zero national health service.  As the country’s largest employer and provider of approximately 89% of the country’s healthcare provision, the NHS is responsible for 4-5% of the country’s carbon emissions.  Its efforts tie into the UK government’s plan for the country to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.  In addition, the report estimates that around 5,770 lives will be saved each year through a reduction in air pollution.  

The document lays out a proposed pathway and target areas for decarbonization: 

  • Hospital Estates, and Facilities
  • Travel and Transport (patients, visitors, staff, and suppliers) 
  • Food, Catering, and Nutrition
  • Medicines (anesthetic gases, inhalers etc.)
  • Research, Innovation, and Offsetting. 
  • Supply Chain

Across the supply chain there will be a push to ensure efficient use of supplies, low-carbon product innovation, and decarbonization across the supplier process.   The long-term plan is for the NHS to gradually reduce and stop purchasing from suppliers that don’t meet a commitment to net zero.  From 2023 potential suppliers will be required to demonstrate progress via published reports in order to qualify for NHS contracts in line with plans for all suppliers to reach net zero by 2045.  An increasing number of suppliers are working with the NHS, sharing their plans for carbon reduction.

This report is recommended for U.S. companies offering products, technologies or services that may help the NHS achieve its net zero targets, and existing or potential suppliers to highlight awareness of the drive to decarbonization across the NHS supply chain process.  

A link to the Delivering Net Zero NHS report can be found here

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