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UAE 3D Printing Opportunities in Construction

The UAE holds opportunity for competitive U.S. construction products, services and technology companies, particularly, in the area of 3D printing. 

The government of Dubai has announced that by 2030, 25% of new building composition must involve 3D printing technologies. Dubai continued to move towards this goal in 2019 by increasingly installing 3D printed lighting products, bases and foundations, construction joints, facilities and parks, and buildings for humanitarian causes and mobile homes. And in December 2019, Dubai opened the world’s largest 3D printed building. Innovative U.S. products and services in this sector are sought after by UAE end users, though they face stiff price competition from Asian and European competitors. 

Some recent notable developments in the UAE include the first 3D printed bus stop in the Middle East (March 2020), the Guinness World Records officially recognizing the Dubai Future Foundation as the title holder for the world’s first 3D-printed commercial building (February 2020), the unveiling of the first 9-axis 3D printer in the region (November 2019), and the completion of the world’s largest 3D printed two-story building (November 2019).

Market Opportunity in 3D Printing

The global market for 3D printing is rapidly growing, and is expected to surpass $120 billion in 2020, and to reach US$300 billion by 2025. 3D printing technology will ease the production process in a variety of sectors and is projected to cut construction costs by 50% to 70%, labor costs by 50% to 80% and construction waste by up to 60%.

The United Arab Emirates continues to incorporate innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing into nearly all aspects of its economy. In 2016, the Dubai government launched the “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy” to transform Dubai into a leading user, producer and exporter of global 3D printing processes, technologies and associated services. The 3D Printing Strategy has been implemented by many Dubai organizations, including the Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Holding, a holding company that develops/manages an extensive portfolio of companies, including real estate. These and other implementing organizations would like to establish strategic partnerships with innovative U.S. companies to develop and implement 3D printing and other high tech projects. If an American company is interested in setting up a 3D printing operation in Dubai that can also serve as a regional hub, there are a number of technology-focused free zones that may be suitable, including Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Dubai Industrial City, or others.  To operate in the UAE outside of a free zone, a U.S. company will need a local partner, which the U.S. Commercial Service can help find.  

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