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Turkey Safety & Security: Disaster Management

This article covers opportunities in Turkey in Safety & Security: Disaster Management sector.

Due to its geological position and geomorphological structure, Turkey is very prone to experiencing natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, and floods. According to the World Risk Index, Turkey is the 113th among 180 most disaster-prone countries. Turkey ranks third in the world in terms of earthquake-related casualties and eighth regarding the total number of people affected.


Rising temperatures, strong winds, and severe drought caused by reduced rainfall have triggered numerous forest fires in southern and western Turkey, Turkey experienced severe wildfires in the summer of 2021, with 299 fires that lasted a month. As a result, Turkey is in need of equipment for fire prevention and firefighting. The General Directorate of Forestry has announced their budget for 2022 as $176 million for firefighting helicopters.
Turkey is located in a region where there is a high risk of earthquakes. Once every five years on average, Turkey experiences an earthquake that results in extensive damage and loss of life. Every year, the country experiences at least one magnitude five earthquake–a reality which renders the proper management and coordination of disasters crucial. AFAD—Turkey’s disaster and
emergency management authority— is located within the Ministry of Interior and is charged with disaster planning, prevention, mitigation, and response and coordination.
Market Opportunity: U.S. companies can contribute to Turkey’s emergency and disaster management infrastructure by providing cutting edge technology that can be rapidly deployed in response to emergent situations. Of particular note, an area of opportunity is the lack of communication equipment that ensures connectivity in the absence of traditional means, both during and in the aftermath of a disaster.
Additionally, U.S. companies can work with a local Turkish partner and leverage the country’s strong and capable manufacturing capability to serve third country markets.

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Jan 15-March 15, 2022: Disaster Resilience: U.S. Technology Global Forum (virtual)

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