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Turkey Automotive & Smart Mobility

Turkey is the 15th largest automotive manufacturer in the world and 5th largest in Europe. Since 2000, OEMs have invested $15 billion in operations in Turkey.

The automotive sector plays an important role in the manufacturing segment of the Turkish economy, employing more than 500,000 people. Automotive firms such as Ford have significant manufacturing facilities in Turkey and are investing in electric vehicle production. Additionally, Turkey’s homegrown fully electric automotive brand TOGG plans to launch in early 2023. Turkey’s population growth and the trend towards urban migration from rural areas makes traffic management a crucial issue for cities, compelling local municipalities to invest heavily in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Currently, all smart transportation projects are planned and executed by local municipalities, using both local and foreign funding.

On March 16, Ford announced a $2.4 billion investment for an electric vehicle and battery factory in Kocaeli, Turkey. This investment in Turkey’s automotive industry in Turkey will be the largest commercial vehicle production hub for Ford of Europe. New investments are expected to increase the need for related technologies used in these manufacturing facilities and increase the demand for OEM and aftermarket EV auto parts and accessories.

There are around 48,000 hybrid and 2,000 electric vehicles on the roads and approximately 800 charging stations located in Turkey. However, the electric vehicle market is expected grow exponentially with the new investments and launch of domestic EV production. Currently, potential exports to Turkey include battery modules, EV engines, battery control units, battery module control units, EV sensors, on board battery chargers and drive train systems.

The mobility market in Turkey projects to reach $90 billion by 2030. The future of shared mobility market in Turkey is promising with municipalities investing in e-bikes, bike-sharing systems and e-scooters. For more information, contact U.S. Commercial Service  Commercial Specialist