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Thailand‘s Royal Decree on Digital Platforms was published in the Government Gazette in December, 2022. The decree includes a 240-day grace period and will be fully enacted in August 2023.

If a platform is found in violation of the law, EDTA may suspend the platform’s operation, impose fines, and seek criminal imprisonment.

The decree authorizes the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) to annually request and collect information from digital platform operators (with revenue or users above the stated threshold) providing services in Thailand.

A platform provider located outside Thailand is subject to the Decree if services are provided to consumers residing in Thailand.  Such platform operators must designate a local contact in Thailand to send the required information and coordinate with ETDA.

According to EDTA, the decree is intended to increase transparency for the local business community, address consumer complaints, and provide EDTA with critical information such as the value of transactions, gross income, and number of platform subscribers.

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