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Thailand Environmental Tech over $46 million approved for water projects

In September 2022, the Thai Cabinet approved a budget of $46.17 million to boost government agencies’ water management capacity through 2023.  Of the total budget, $26.79 million will be allocated to three ministries: Agriculture and Cooperatives ($5.6 million), Natural Resources and Environment ($18.2 million), and Interior ($2.93 million) to support the ministries’ 576 water management-related projects. 

Another $19.52 million will be allocated to the Royal Irrigation Department to procure 203 water pumps to tackle floods and drought.  Of the total, $1.97 million will be used to purchase 27 water pumps with pipe sizes of at least 8 inches, $2.93 million for 34 pumps with pipe sizes of at least 10 inches, and $14.6 million for 142 pumps with pipe sizes at least 14 inches. 

Thai-made environmental equipment is generally low-tech in design and function, although they meet general standards for market requirements in Thailand.  Technologically advanced environmental products must be imported.  Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the environmental equipment market in Thailand is composed of imports, with China, Japan, and the United States leading the market.  Competition from China, Japan, and South Korea becomes more robust each year since they can send technical specialists, due to their proximity, to educate the market and market their products. 

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