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Thailand Electric Vehicle Standards

Thailand’s Industrial Standards Institute is expediting standards for electric vehicles (EV) to increase EV production and the use of zero-emission vehicles. 

Thailand’s Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is expediting standards related to electric vehicles. The Secretary-general of Thailand’s Industrial Standards Institute has indicated that TISI plans to establish nineteen more standards in 2022, including, for example, standards for: electric vehicles including electric motorcycles, battery systems in electric vehicles, communication systems between electric vehicles and the electric grid, electric vehicle propulsion systems, brake system standards of electric motorcycles, and standards of test methods related to electric vehicles, and more.  

At least once every six months, TISI is required to publish a work program containing the standards it is currently preparing and the standards which it has adopted in the preceding period.    

Producers of electric vehicles and related systems have the opportunity to provide input to Thailand’s TISI as it develops standards for a variety of electric vehicle-related items. U.S. companies are encouraged to contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Bangkok by emailing to understand how best to submit input as these standards are developed in order to create opportunity for U.S. exports.