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Thailand Airports

On September 2, 2023, Thailand’s primary airport operator, the Airport of Thailand, announced an update to phase four and five of the Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Airport Expansion Plan. With an investment of approximately US $7 billion, the new phases will include North, South, and West passenger terminal expansions, soil quality improvement, and a second satellite terminal.  

The updated plan brings opportunities for U.S. companies which offer airport design and construction service, ground support equipment, security screening equipment, and airfield lighting equipment.  For additional information, please contact Senior Commercial Specialist

In 2022, the airport served 62.7 million passengers and 471,505 flights—close to its 65 million passenger capacity.  With growing tourist demand, the number of passengers is expected to exceed the airport’s capacity in 2023.  Once the project is complete, Bangkok airport’s capacity will reach 150 million passengers annually.