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Airport and Ground Support Equipment Thailand Export Strategy

Thailand Airport Capacity

U-Tapao Airport expansion creates opportunities for aircraft repair, and developments of airport city and commercial areas.

Thailand’s location in the heart of ASEAN will lead to post-COVID opportunity from the increasing number of foreign business and tourist visitors once international travel resumes. The Thai aviation industry is expected to rebound as a result of these visitors, along with the Royal Thai Government’s ‘Thailand 4.0’ initiative and development of S‐curve industry clusters, including aviation and defense.

Thailand plans to expand the U‐Tapao Airport near the Eastern Seaboard into a new maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hub as one of the high priority projects for Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development. With a projected value of USD 9.3 billion, the airport developers aim to accommodate 15 million passengers annually. Following environmental and health impact assessments, construction is scheduled to begin with the first phase to open in 2024. The plan is to build passenger terminal, ground transportation center, warehouse, free trade area, apron for aircraft, airport city development and commercial areas.

The aviation and airport equipment which are expected to benefit from the airport expansion project includes airport construction equipment, ground support equipment, aircraft and parts, MRO services, research and development, human resources (particularly training for pilots and mechanics), aviation safety advisory, security equipment, passenger service equipment, baggage screening, and ground support vehicles.

Working with a local agent, distributor, and representative is critical for U.S. companies interested in selling aviation and airport equipment and services in the Thai market. Local companies and buyers put a high premium on companies with a local or regional presence and support.

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