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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan authorities are pivoting to improving patient outcomes through smart healthcare solutions. This includes the smarter integration of information, integrating clinical decision support information, real-time analysis and early risk prediction, and automated monitoring and remote support.

The strong information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Taiwan is contributing to smart health solutions across a diverse range of sub-sectors. These include biomedical key components, medical devices, mobile healthcare, gene and cell therapies, and smart hospital solutions.


In 2020, the Taiwan National Development Council identified precision health industry as one of its six strategic industry priorities for its 2030 strategy. The Taiwan Precision Health Initiative (TPHI) covers three key areas: precision medicine, regenerative health, and digital health innovation.

The Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative (TPMI) is led by Academica Sinica, which is Taiwan’s national academy, as well as 16 Taiwan hospitals. The TPMI seeks to improve pharmaceutical efficacy, facilitate early diagnosis, and provide personalized care by taking advantage of big data analysis of genetic and clinical information.

As part of the TPHI, Taiwan is leveraging its traditional strengths in ICT and semiconductors. However, digital health engagement encompasses a wider ranger of industries, including precision molding, displays, electromechanics, and metal processing. 



The Taiwan Precision Health Initiative creates new prospects for U.S. businesses to partner with Taiwan institutions and firms. Opportunities include the commercialization of biomedical information, precision diagnosis, new drug development, digital healthcare field applications, and the development of personal healthcare platforms. While regulatory and market challenges exist, the digital healthcare sector is dynamic and growing. 

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