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Taiwan eCommerce

Taiwan’s e-Commerce sales have dramatically increased during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, registering a record high of $9.8 billion in 2022. Various factors account for the e-Commerce boom, including a high internet penetration rate (93%), secure online payment systems, and a wide product selection with competitive pricing, all of which have driven continuous demand and boosted consumer confidence in e-commerce.

Symbolic of industry’s bullish position on Taiwan e-Commerce opportunities, Seattle-headquartered e-Commerce company Coupang recently invested $400 million to establish itself and grow its business in Taiwan.

Taiwan is considered a very sophisticated market, and consumers often follow global trends. Anyone seeking to do business in the market would be advised to consider a digital marketing strategy. As Taiwan’s eCommerce market continues to develop, young shoppers are increasingly choosing to shop at online retailers. Digital media and entertainment, apparel and footwear, and consumer electronics remain the top three most purchased products from online retailers. The demand for quick delivery has led to an increase in sales of basic household necessities on online platforms. Shopee, Momo, and PChome are the top three eCommerce platforms in Taiwan.

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