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Healthcare Sweden Export Potential

Sweden eHealth

U.S. eHealth companies with globally competitive products and services should consider customizing for the unique Swedish market.

In Sweden, eHealth is an integrated part of the healthcare sector. Sweden’s 21 regions, responsible for health care, invest around $1.22 billion annually in healthcare IT. All regions have integrated electronic health record solutions (EHRs) and e-prescriptions are very popular (99 percent of all Swedish prescriptions are issued electronically). In Europe’s Digital Economy and Society Index 2020 Sweden ranks 2nd out of the 28 EU Member States. The countries are scored on connectivity (2nd), human capital (2nd), internet use (2nd), integration of digital technology (6th) and digital public services (10th). 

Best Prospects & Current Demand
The local healthcare industry is receptive to innovative technologies. Increased focus on preventive care, and the desire to remain a leader in technological innovation, create opportunities within this market sector. Digital healthcare services, where patients can consult with health care professionals online (via mobile applications), have grown rapidly in the last few years, dominated by local companies such as Kry, Min Doktor, Doktor 24, and, but also with solutions developed by the regional governments, such as Region Stockholm’s “Alltid Oppet”. Today, more than 50 percent of the general population use digital health care services (ranging from booking an appointment online to using healthcare mobile applications). Other emerging areas include: mHealth (wearables, apps)/welfare tech, Interoperability solutions and standards and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Market Entry
While Sweden’s markets are generally quite open to foreign competition, they are also highly competitive. To break into the market, products and services must be globally competitive and sometimes customized for the unique Swedish market.

Main Competitors
There are an increasing number of non-domestic software and EHR companies in the hospital and primary care markets, including U.S companies such as Cerner, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Amazon Web Services.


  • Meeting place welfare technology and e-health January 26 – 27, 2021, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, (HIMSS), August 9-13, 2021, Las Vegas, USA. Every year a Swedish delegation with participants from regions, municipalities, government agencies and industry, take part in HIMSS for knowledge exchange, seminars and other activities.

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