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Spain’s port in Barcelona has new rail access financed by the European Commission.

The Port of Barcelona ranks 3rd in Spain and 7th in the Mediterranean, 15th in Europe, and 77th in the world based on cargo volume. There are 17 container cranes, as well as railway facilities for the handling of a large amount of goods. 

In response to the demand for optimizing the management of shipping traffic and better inter-communication between the region’s  transport means, the Port of Barcelona has expanded its smart technology and physical infrastructure. This now completed project was co-financed with the European Commission, which contributed €277.2 million to the total project cost of €523 million.This project involved the expansion and construction of the South and East Breakwaters at the city’s port, resulting in a twice as large total area of sheltered water now reaching 793 hectares. Additionally, upon completion, land surface area to house new wharfs and cruise terminals has also augmented.

The updated Port of Barcelona now possesses 29,709 meters of berth lines which enables it to welcome new shipping lines, offer more services, and secure its position as a gateway into the southern Europe for goods and cargo from the far west. Most importantly, this new ‘smart port’ has established itself as one of the main centers of the European communications network.

The European Union and Spanish authorities (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, APB, ADIF, Ports of State, Government of Catalonia, and FGC) joined together to co-finance and pass the new rail access for the Barcelona’s port. This project includes the construction of a new rail access to accommodate all rail traffic travel into the port and logistic zones. The design is planned for the south of the port and will assume 70% of rail traffic in the Port of Barcelona. This project will improve the port’s traffic conditions, alleviate traffic congestion in the city of Barcelona, reduce the number of accidents, and ultimately save fuel and time. 

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