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Spain Defense Growth Opportunities

Spain’s defense and security industry is looking to adapt and modernize. In 2023 Spain’s defense budget increased by 26%, a total value of $13.1 billion. By 2029 Spain estimates to spend an equivalent of 2% of total GDP on defense. Spain’s investment in defense is directed to increase the domestic defense industrial base and develop research. Part of the budget is for ‘special modernization programs’ which include ARS Centers and the F-110 program. In their efforts to grow domestically, the Spanish ministry hosts FEINDEF, a three-day Defense and Security Trade Show in Madrid, Spain. The security and defense trade show with its vast exhibitors and international recognition is an optimal opportunity for U.S. companies to showcase their proprietary technology and optimize Spain’s goal to increase the domestic industry. Spain will be hosting the FEINDEF trade show again in May 2025 in Madrid.

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