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Singapore's Demand for Overseas Education

The demand in Singapore for overseas education has increased with the easing of travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local institutions have begun to send a small number of their students to their partner universities across countries and regions for exchange programs, work-study entrepreneur stints and academic immersion programs.  

This is evidenced by an increase in U.S. student visa applications: 23% increase in 2021 as compared to 60% decrease in 2020 from the previous year.  According to the Open Doors Report 2021, Singapore has 4,504 students studying in the United States, which is about one fifth of the total number of Singaporeans studying overseas.  

Singapore students are still keen on overseas education and obtaining a degree from a prestigious university is perceived as valuable. An overseas education is also seen as an opportunity to open up social network, internship, and work prospects. Although the pandemic situation has temporarily dampened student’s expectations with classes conducted online and student activities cancelled, it has not deterred them from obtaining an overseas education. 

The global pandemic has navigated a shift in learning methodologies in Singapore. Since April 2020, educational institutions have moved towards a hybrid home-based learning which has temporarily become the mode for formal education. As a result, every household in Singapore owns a device (e.g., laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.) and is part of a new national digital literacy effort.  Based on a survey conducted, 73% learners prefer online learning. The Singapore Ministry of Education has also implemented a professional development program for teachers to enhance in their capability to design effective blended learning experiences for students. 

Interested education institutions are encouraged to contact our office to participate in virtual education fairs to help promote their overseas programs, recruit students and partner with local institutions.

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