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Singapore's Aging Population

By 2030, one in four in Singapore will be over the age of 65. Singapore is taking a whole-of-nation approach to preparing for population aging. The Ministerial Committee on Ageing’s Action Plan for Successful Aging covers a host of initiatives from Seniors Health Programs, Dementia Friendly Communities, Intergenerational Harmony and Active Aging. The aim is to enable its citizenry to age well and increase the years in good health, seize opportunities for continued learning and be actively involved and engaged in the community.  

Life expectancy has also gone up from 82.8 years in 2010 to 84.9 years in 2019. Healthy life expectancy for men is 72.3 years and 75 years for women. 

There are currently 28,000 people aged over 60 years and above with dementia. By 2050, there will be over 187,000 with this condition. Dementia affects 5.2% of Singaporeans and is the fifth leading cause of disability in Singapore. With increased life expectancy and a rapidly aging population, the number of people with dementia is expected to increase. The city state is ranked 16th in dementia innovation according to the “Dementia Innovation Readiness Index 2020” which surveyed 30 global cities to learn from each other and collectively combat dementia. This disease has been identified as one of the greatest challenges to health and social care in the 21st Century.  

The Singapore Ministry of Health recently published a tender for a new nursing home to be built by 2027 as part of its plans to make a range of medical services more accessible by co-locating healthcare facilities. Estimated to house 458 beds, it will be built within the Alexandra Health Campus, a historical site and Singapore’s first health district. This home is designed for residents with moderate to severe dementia and will incorporate a green space and be “dementia-friendly”.  

In an earlier report, the Ministry of Health had announced plans to increase the number of nursing home beds to more than 31,000 over the next ten years, up from 16,200 in 2020, to cater to the country’s aging population.   

The existing Alexandra Hospital is undergoing re-development and this is slated to be completed by 2030 and by co-locating a nursing home as part of this health campus, it will benefit the elderly residents who would need various types of clinical or rehabilitative care on a regular basis. This is in line with creating sustainable living and healthcare facilities. Singapore officials hope that this will allow the hospital to also pilot innovative approaches in delivering care while potentially reducing demand for acute hospital beds. 

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