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Singapore Sustainable Clean Energy

Singapore makes energy intensive industries more carbon efficient.

As with many geographical regions that are affected by climate change, Southeast Asia nations including Singapore understand that having a sustainable green economy is necessary for the future and is making slow and steady progress in its green energy transition. Each country in Southeast Asia has pledged to reduce energy intensity per GDP while increasing the use of clean energy over the next 20 years.

For Singapore, a low-lying city state and small island without any natural resources that’s one fifth the land area of Rhode Island, sustainability is always an important consideration in the country’s development over the past half century. Singapore has announced that it is looking to make energy intensive industries more carbon efficient, improve their efficiencies, and reduce emissions. The country will also support the development and commercialization of emerging low-carbon technologies such as CCUS (carbon, capture, usage and storage) as well as hydrogen.

Pilot projects involving hydrogen are ongoing as it is considered a cleaner fuel. One such project is the 
establishment of the first zero-emission building in Southeast Asia that is powered by green hydrogen where the self-sustaining building is 100% powered via an innovative hydrogen energy system and is disconnected from the national electricity grid. Another pilot project is the use of hydrogen fuel cells for ships, especially since Singapore is among the three busiest container ports in the world. Singapore is also looking to see how to convert local ferries to run on electricity or other forms of clean energy.

With the adoption of a cleaner energy mix, Singapore will also be looking at energy standards to be introduced and implemented. Even household appliances will have to meet stricter minimum energy performance standards from 2022 onwards, meaning that prices will likely increase.

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