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Singapore seeks companies to operate zero-carbon facility

As with many geographical regions that are affected by climate change, Southeast Asia nations, including Singapore, understand that having a sustainable green economy is necessary for the future and is making slow and steady progress in its green energy transition. To reset its energy supply to be more energy sustainable and to achieve net zero by 2050, Singapore is inviting companies to build, own and operate a low or zero-carbon power generation and bunkering facility on Jurong Island. This is also part of the country’s national hydrogen strategy which is to experiment with the use of advanced hydrogen technologies.

The Singapore Energy Market Authority and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore released a joint statement in early December inviting proposals submission under an expression of interest (EOI) which is to be submitted by April 30, 2023. The aim of the EOI is to explore the feasibility of using hydrogen or ammonia for power generation in conjunction with other low-carbon alternatives such as electricity imports and domestic renewable energy sources. It is expected that the facility will be able to generate a minimum of 50MW of electricity for up to 25 years and which can also support ammonia bunkering. 

Global investments in low-carbon technology has risen exponentially in recent years and Singapore has also taken similar steps by setting aside US$135 million for research and development to enable the country to import, handle and utilize low-carbon hydrogen safely and at scale especially since both hydrogen and ammonia are also considered as promising decarbonization pathways for the Singapore’s aviation and petrochemicals sector. With the adoption of a cleaner energy mix, Singapore will also be looking at energy and safety standards to be introduced and implemented. 

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