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Singapore Precision Medicine Study

Singapore aims to generate 100,000 genomes over a 10-year period

One of the key goals of the Singapore Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 vision for Health and Biomedical Sciences is Precision Medicine. This offers an effective means of translating research into more efficient healthcare delivery systems and better health for Singapore residents.  Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Strategy is a 10-year research roadmap to accelerate biomedical research, improve health outcomes, and enhance opportunities for economic value across sectors. 

Precision Health Research Singapore (PRECISE) plans to generate 100,000 genomes and to use this genomic data to inform healthcare practices with the goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Participants in this “SG100K project” will be from Singapore’s major ethnic groups comprising Chinese, Malay and Indians.  To date, the underrepresentation of Asian genomes has hindered population and medical genetics research on Asians, leading to population disparities in precision medicine.  This project aims to use the insights to tailor customized healthcare for this under-represented population. It will be Asia’s most comprehensive genome database serving as a reference to improve the health outcomes of not only Singaporeans but also patients across Asia.  

It is also Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive consented population study.  Genomes will be analyzed to yield insights into Asia-specific diseases.  The study aims to help understand key factors behind diseases like diabetes, cancer and more.  Precision Medicine takes a customized approach for preventive care and treatment, spurs innovation in health and biomedical sciences.   

Genomic clinical data linkages allow the targeting of therapies to patients who are most likely to respond, avoid severe drug reactions, and maximize drug efficiency by prescribing the optimal dose. It will improve health outcomes, health delivery and cost-effectiveness. 

The National Precision Medicine (NPM) Phase II hopes to gain new insights into the Asian genome and data-driven healthcare solutions. Specifically, PRECISE will collaborate with Singapore Research and clinical partners, including the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, National Healthcare Group, National University Health System, National University of Singapore and SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre to study the genetic make-up of 100,000 healthy Singaporeans and specific patient cohorts.  The aim is to use this genetic data and integrate it with detailed lifestyle, environmental, and clinical data to yield rich insights into factors that contribute to specifically Asian diseases and conditions.  This will further enhance the breadth and depth of the Precision Medicine related sector by attracting and anchoring like-minded global companies in Singapore.  For more information, please visit Precision Health Research Singapore.

U.S. companies who wish to explore these opportunities or partner with Singapore entities may contact Ms. Luanne Theseira at the U.S. Commercial Service, Singapore.