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Singapore’s water authority is seeking emerging sensor technologies. 

Singapore’s Water Agency, the Public Utilities Board (PUB), is calling for proposals to use emerging sensor technologies such as satellite imagery and radar to collect and analyze coastal and inland flood data sets. 

The three key areas PUB is focusing on are:

  • low-maintenance radar and satellite-based sensors;
  • monitoring how ships can affect sea level heights;
  • CCTV footage, drones or citizen-sourced smartphone images to provide live feeds of the extent and depth of inland and coastal flooding. 

The data obtained will supplement other studies along Singapore’s coastline on how various areas can be protected from the rising tides. 

Surbana Jurong Group has been appointed by PUB to undertake a site-specific study on how to protect the north-west coast of Singapore from sea level rise. Surbana’s coastal engineering team will start with assessing the flood risks from rising sea levels and intense rainfall and look at ways to incorporate hybrid solutions coupled with nature-based elements, including mangroves. 

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