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Serbia National Energy and Climate Draft Plan

Serbia plans to bring the share of the renewables to 41 percent of gross final consumption by 2030, including: 49.1 percent in electricity production; 50.9 percent in heating and cooling; and 6.1 percent in transportation sector. 

The INECP envisages the following increase of renewables in the production of electricity and heating:

Wind: Approximately 3,500 MW – 10 times more than the existing capacity.  

Solar: Approximately 1,540 MW – 100 times more than the existing capacity.   

Hydro: Design and construction of two new hydro pump storages of approximately 2,500MW.

Nuclear: Under the INECP, Serbia released five scenarios for comment by September 5. Four of these scenarios include options for incorporating nuclear small modular reactors (SMRs) in the energy mix by 2032. The capacity from SMRs is envisioned to be 400 MW in 2032, 800 MW in 2035 and 1.6 GW in 2042. 

Green hydrogen: A small amount of green hydrogen is also included in the energy consumption by 2030.

The plan also envisages significant new investments in:
•    Electricity transmission system, interconnections, and overall electricity grid.  
•    Increase use of electric vehicles and charging stations. 
•    Production and use of hydrogen.
•    Diversification of the gas sector – new interconnections with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, North Macedonia and Montenegro, as well as expansion of the existing underground gas storage facility and construction of a new one.  
•    Reduction of energy consumption through energy efficiency measures.  

The draft plan fully recognizes that Serbia needs to transition from fossil fuel-based generation to clean energy solutions to fuel future economic growth and meet Serbia’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In next 20 years, Serbia aims to reduce the total CO2 emissions by approximately 30 million tons, which is more than half of today’s emission of this pollutant.

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