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Serbia Infrastructure Country Starts Preparations for Specialized Expo 2027

Information and digital technologies among the major opportunities for U.S. businesses.

President Vucic announced Serbia will invest over $18 billion in infrastructure to support the international exhibition “Expo 2027” and that Serbia’s Ministry of Finance will be the main investor.  Future investment projects include transport connections – new access roads, connections to highway routes, a new train line from the Expo site to the airport, an extensive exhibition site, sports and tourist facilities, power line upgrades, and new river ports and museums.

On 20 November 2023, the Government of Serbia created “Expo 2027”, a company that will oversee the preparation, organization, and maintenance of Expo 2027. All projects will be managed by the CEO of Expo 2027, Dusan Borovcanin, and must be completed by December 2026.

The time to compete for the project is now. The Serbian Government is building the whole infrastructure for the Expo 2027 and a new National Stadium. The Government will not apply usual procurement and tender procedures; for that reason, we are urging the companies that may be interested (IT, energy, and infrastructure in this phase of the project) to contact us, so we can help promote US companies to the decision makers.

The Government of Serbia declared Expo 2027 Belgrade a project of national significance.  In support of Expo 2027, Parliament adopted a Law on Special Procedures for the Realization of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO BELGRADE 2027 (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 92/2023). This law will serve as a lex specialis to the Law on Public Procurement, allowing contractual procedures to be faster and simplified. 

Serbia will host Expo 2027 from May 15, 2027 - August 15, 2027, marking the first time that the International Bureau of Expositions has held an Expo in Southeastern Europe. 

Opportunities for U.S. companies include information and digital technologies, infrastructure, construction, transportation, and energy.  U.S. businesses are widely regarded for their innovation, design and construction, and after-sale service, making them competitive in the Serbian market. U.S. companies interested in supporting Expo 2027 should contact the U.S. Commercial Service by emailing Aleksandra Malisic,  
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