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Saudi Arabia Sports Entertainment Opportunities

As Saudi Arabia’s tourism, entertainment, and sports sectors grow, there are opportunities to provide vocational training across all areas of the tourism value chain, including front-line hospitality skills, business management, event management, sports administration, aviation, logistics, and English language for specific purposes. One million Saudis are to be employed in these sectors by 2030 leading to the need for substantial training with resulting opportunities for U.S. providers. The resort destinations of Red Sea Project and Amaala plan to open more than 70 hotels combined i.e. almost 11,000 luxury and ultraluxury resort keys by 2030. Qiddiya, the capital of entertainment, aims to attract over 14 million visitors per year.

Saudi Arabia is now growing as a hot spot for attracting high profile sports events. Saudi Arabia has recently hosted Diriyah ePrix, the PGA European Tour, the WWE Crown Jewel, the Clash on the Dunes Boxing Heavyweight Title Fight, the Saudi Cup Horse Race, and the Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Saudi Seasons are a series of government-sponsored themed entertainment, cultural and sports events held throughout the regions of Saudi Arabia with the aim of boosting tourism, income, providing jobs for Saudi nationals and developing local business opportunities. It has proved to be a success, attracting millions of visitors both domestic and international. Workforce development and training remains a critical challenge and presents a strong opportunity for businesses that provide training across various skills.

Saudi organizations value the quality and recognition of short-term courses provided by United States institutions,and U.S. training businesses have an advantage in the Saudi market. For more information, please contact Shariq Iqbal, Commercial Specialist at