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Saudi Arabia Logistics Launch of the Master Plan for Logistics Centers

Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, who is also Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Transport and Logistics, has launched a Master Plan for Logistics Centers. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, the master plan aims to improve the logistics sector’s infrastructure, diversify the local economy, and boost the Kingdom’s standing as a prominent investment location and global hub for logistics. As part of the master plan, Saudi Arabia will construct 59 centers with a total area of over 100 million square meters. These centers will be spread throughout Saudi Arabia, with 12 centers located in the Riyadh Region, 17 in the Eastern Region, and 18 across the rest of the country. Currently, 21 centers are in different stages of implementation, and the Kingdom will have completed all centers by 2030. 

The logistics centers will provide unified logistics licenses using the Fasah customs electronic platform. The Fasah platform will streamline import and export procedures, reduce shipment clearing times, and facilitate electronic document verification. Over 1,500 local, regional and international logistics companies will be registered on this platform, enabling local industries to export Saudi products more efficiently.  

U.S. companies involved in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector may contact for any questions or for further information.